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The place to find information about council services in your local area.

What would you like to do? With My Wycombeyou can:

  • Use My Propertyto view a range of information about your property including bin collections, council tax charge, local councillors and planning applications.
  • Use My Nearestto find information about local facilities and services (text only).
  • Use My Mapsto select and show local council information on a map. This tab will not be available if your browser scripting is disabled.
  • Use My Alertsto set up and manage how you would like to be notified about new council information relevant to your property.

To start:select the tab for the service you would like to use and add your postcode or other property address details in the Search for a locationbox.

Please note: by using My Wycombe, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of the public sector mapping agreement.

If you require further help, please click the Helpbutton.

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